I simply heard back from TKO items by email and they just make disposables now. This may be in light of the quantity of fakes out there. Essentially any cartridge out there that is an independent truck that needs a battery joined to it is a phony TKO truck. Counterfeit cartridges have been a consistent issue in the cannabis business.

Here’s what real TKO carts look like

All genuine TKO cartridges utilize a similar expendable style pen. We messaged TKO Products, creators of TKO Extracts to affirm, and they said they no longer make any non-expendable vape trucks.

Here are a few instances of phony TKO cartridges

You will see fundamentally all the ones you see on the bootleg market are phony. We actually have not yet observed the disposables in any event, being sold outside of dispensaries, despite the fact that it might be occurring some place.

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