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Welcome to our website. We are an inspired group of cannabis advocates that trust in exceptional standard and service. We feel that cannabis consumers have a honest and reliable way of getting marijuana. We provide a big range of cost-friendly concentrates and flowers, along with anything else you may need to better enjoy your experience. Our operators are polite and knowledgeable, and will put your relaxation above everything else.

Our unmatched convenience make sure you get only the top weed and TKO carts in under forty-five minutes, right to your doorstep. No need to waste time in money or traffic on fuel. No need to risk your life navigating crime-infested places to visit your local marijuana dispensary. No rather stay home, sit back and enjoy, and let us take these dangers for you.

Our core values and ethics

Privacy is without doubt important to your safety. Our foremost priority, protecting you from exposure by any means necessary. Additional, we do not compromise on standard and speed to bring you this promise as we promise to deliver only the top TKO Carts and TKO Extracts in the best situation.

24-hour orders

We never sleep. You can use our site to place orders any time of night or day.

Timely deliveries

Your package will be delivered as timed no complaints. Our packaging is the best you can imagine.

Professional teams

All our people are experts. Our drivers will treat you with courtesy and respect.

Privacy assurances

Our safe servers keep all your information secure and away from prying eyes.

Main objectives

Customers love the friendliest, most problem-free experience while we spread information and awareness of cannabis to the planet.

Compliant and legal

We complies all laws to promise the best standard marijuana. All items undergo testing and all suppliers are state-licensed cannabis dispensaries. We just deliver to legitimate medical patients and adults twenty-one years and older.

Our mission

We use our passion for standard, flavor and potency to deliver the extremely best edibles, vaporizes, concentrates and cannabis-infused items on the market.


TKO Products is one of the oldest and most recognized cannabis brands in California. Our vision is to use our passion for quality, potency and flavor to deliver the very best edibles, concentrates, vaporizers and cannabis-infused products on the market.

Established in 2010, initially, TKO Edibles was created for dispensaries that we personally managed, when the clinics were forced to close, we began soliciting our baked goods to other clinics.

TKO now includes a dedicated team to maintain, produce and grow our business even further.

What we discovered as clinic as clinic managers, edible consumers and finally as producers of edibles, is that there is a need for consistently potent products with a good price point. One of the biggest complaints from clinic owners is that edible products were inconsistent in potency and unreliable when it came to deliveries by the vendors.

We have products for the micro-dose crowd also, and soon will be adding more! Micro-dosers will fall in love with our premium chocolate, available in both creamy milk and delicious dark chocolate.


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